A bitter cup of poisoning

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About me
I have always wanted others to listen to me since I was born... is it some kind of exhibicionism? I am not totally sure... even so, I mostly am the silent, observing one as long as I don't feel safe enough. But at the moment I know the people around me or I feel myself good at anything, I just open my mouth and flood You with my daily or actually special topics.
Fitting expressions
*** dreamer *** pacifist *** cynic *** sarcastic *** ironic *** too honest *** harsh *** caring *** rational *** idealist *** lazy *** hard-working *** dork *** perfectionist *** magnamious *** mischievious ***

Well... there surely are some contradiction... that's me, though :3.
Making me happy
Ookawa Genki, Formula One, ballet, summer rain, taking photos of the sky, thunderstorms, cats, hedgehogs, horror movies, Donnie Darko, pretty colours, high heel shoes, badgets, mugs, getting letters, making others happy, laughing at the freakin' stupid ones, ignoring the irritating people, eating mother's food, drinking cherry coke or screwdriver, sitting in the grass with friends, playing volleyball, imitating material arts über slowly and recording it, looking at the winter sky, taking an almost good photo, being pervert, talking nonsense, trying to reach new levels of writing, getting compliments from the editor, fangirling about a voice or legs, blushing in front of the handsome one, smelling alcohol or gasoline, collecting lighters without having any inspiration for smoking, drinking coffee with extreme amount of sugar and milk... only the usual girly things :3.
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