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ookawa twirling hips~


Title: Ikki
Author: Fyra (fyrathilwen)
Word count: 1580
Rating: *clueless*
Timeline: 26.08.2007.
A/N non-beta-read, some random mistakes (and weird grammar) can show up. Correcting me is nice, yelling my head off isn't o(_ _*)o.
Summary: it is Ookawa Genki's birthday! And his colleagues know how to show the life of an adult to him.
Disclaimer: I don't owe any of them. I would like to, though *sighs*.

Ikki [1]

Oi, Genki!”

Ookawa Genki looked up with a scared expression on his face when Masa suddenly hit him on his back. If Masa starts like that, it will mean something bad – a destroying thunderbolt or simply the end of the world.

It was obvious that Ookawa Genki wasn’t a bit relaxed.

“… hm?”

“Don’t hm me,” Masa laughed and flinged his hand for another hit but Genki leaned away rubbing the place of the previous one. “You finally turned twenty. It can mean only one thing!”

“Ern… I have lived for two decades already?”

“Okay, then… two things. And I meant the other one.”

Ookawa frowned and try to find it out. He gave it up immediately, though. Guessing what Masa thinks was impossible except the times when Baba Tooru was in the near. At times like that it was more than obvious what kind of thoughts Nakagauchi had.

“Let me hear it.”

Ikki,” Masa was raising his eyebrows.

Ikki? Well, I am not a university student.”

Ikki is a nice ceremony, anyway. Who the hell cares about such a little problem like not being a university student? It is about only drinking.”

“But… Masa, people die because of that every year. I don’t want to be one of those victims.”

Mou, you won’t die! We will take care of you!”

“I am sure about it,” Ookawa frowned again and let out a sigh.

Of course, he knew what ikki was about. The rookies of a university have it as some kind of welcome ceremony. They have to drink a huge glass of some kind of alcohol as their first drink ever. They end up being on the floor anyway, but there are regular accidents like dying because of the sudden shock. It isn’t a good thing to play with.

On the other hand, Ookawa Genki hasn’t ever felt bad because he couldn’t drink. He just didn’t desire that. He hasn’t ever been envious when he heard the stories of the others when they went out and became drunk.

Yeah. Nakagauchi Masataka just had plenty of those stories.


“Why am I here?” Ookawa Genki cried out loud.

He didn’t like the little karaoke room. He didn’t find inviting the huge amount of different kind of drinks on the table. He only wanted to go home, watch an episode of his recently favourite series, try to build his Gundam figure or have a nice sleep.

Anything but being there…

“Ba-chon, why did you help him? You can’t even drink yet! Then…”

Ba-chon scratched his head. He was an always-spazzy guy and enjoyed yelling like crazy but at the moment he showed up with Masa he just ate out of his hand.

Even though Genki was the one who made them go out [2], he clearly regretted this maneuver now. Ba-chon became his enemy all of a sudden. Like the others there!

They were so many in such a tiny room! All of the Rikkai members were there, even Kento. Why did his parents let him go, too? He recently turned eighteen!

Ookawa shook his head and stood up.

“What are you planning?” Renn looked at him and tried to ignore Yuuki’s constant molestation.

“I am going home. Now.”

“You aren’t.” Ouji said without even looking at him.

Ouji… he just drank one glass after another. And he didn’t even get tipsy. What is that guy made of? It couldn’t be the same as it was in the case of Masa. He seemed like enjoyed himself a bit too much.

Mou, stay here, stay here, Genki-chan,” he clinched him after he pushed Ba-chon away. Uh, it clearly explains why Ba-chon came then, although at the moment he looked way too irritated. He stood up as well.

“Masataka. Nakagauchi Masataka!”

The called one shook a bit and turned to his lover.

Ha… hai?”

“Sit down! Now!” His voice was more than imperative.

Everyone became silent suddenly, Masa submitted pouting. It was one of those rare moments when he looked like the observant one in their relationship.

“Thank you, Ba-chon,” Ookawa grinned then turned to the door but Ba-chon’s voice stopped him.

“Ookawa Genki! Sit down! Now!”

“Ba-chon!” Genki’s eyes doubled their size. “What’s with that mood?”

“Just obey him,” Masa whispered then filled a glass with beer and drank it immediately. A pleased expression showed up on Ba-chon’s face, Ouji let out a short chuckle watching the ideal doubles and sex partners.

“But… but… I don’t feel well,” Genki jabbered then grabbed… Kane-chan’s hand instead of the doorhandle. “What the…”

Kane-chan, who stood in front of the only one exit of the small room, smiled at him and patted his head kindly. “Now, be a good boy and stay here. Everyone has a good time.”

“Except me!” Ookawa contradicted.

“Try a bit harder?” Ono suggested softly. The others started nodding.

Ookawa looked around hopelessly then threw himself down on the floor.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Drink,” Masa answered instantly and a glass got filled of sake by Renn in a moment. He gave it to Genki with a wide smile on his face. “Happy birthday, Genki-chan.”

Kanpai!” The others yelled and finally, Ookawa Genki sent the first glass of sake of his life down to his stomach. Crossfired by the curious gazes, he licked his lips and stared at the glass for a few moments.

Dou da?” Renn asked.

“Do you feel anything special?” Ono joined.

Ookawa let out a sigh.

“Genki-chan… are you alright?” Baba tried to pat his shoulder, but Masa stopped him with a short kiss on his neck. The younger boy shuddered and forgetting the celebrated one, he began to concentrate only on his lover.

“Genki-chan?” Kane-chan called him softly.

“I don’t feel anything. One more glass, please?”

Yuuki stopped molesting Renn for a moment.

“What did you say?”

“One more glass…” Ono repeated with starried eyes.

“One more glass!” Ookawa put the glass on the little table they were kneeling at, making the bottles and keys on it jump at least seven centimeters.

He felt glorious. If a glass of sake has no effect on him, it means he doesn’t have to be afraid of anything. And in this case, he can show them all how unnecessary this whole evening is and he could go home without regrets.

“Genki-chan, I don’t think that…” Kane-chan would have taken the role of the caring father and let his Kouhai know about the major effects of alcohol, but Masa interrupted him:

“Give him another glass!”

And while Kiriyama Renn, as a good waiter, offered the next round to Ookawa, Yuuki didn’t stop hugging him, Kane-chan shook his head constantly, Ba-chon enjoyed the company of Masa as much as he could, Ono tried not to miss a single moment of Genki’s first official drinking event, Ouji just let out a short chuckle again.

“So naive.”


“Why do you want to buy a ticket to Aichi?”

“’Cause I live there…”

“But… you live here in Tokyo!”

“I just know where I live, ‘kay? Try not to… not to… not to…”

“Tell you off?” Masa tried to help out the unsure Genki in his little fight against Baba.

“Ya… exactly.”

“MASA!” Ba-chon was on the yelling again.

That’s to say, he had all the reasons to be like that. After Masa managed to make Genki drink the first glass, he just kept on encouraging him. Both of the guys ended up absolutely drunk; for Masa it can be just normal, but for Genki… he has to get used to this feeling.

“You are… so childish!”

“That’s why I have such a mature guy like you as my boyfriend,” Masa hugged the younger boy.

Ookawa rolled his eyes. “Try to avoid doing things like that in front of me, okay?” He shook his head then turned to the young woman of the ticket-office. “One, please… to Nagoya [3].”

In the meantime, Baba pushed away Masa again.

“Look, how he looks!” He pointed at Ookawa, who hardly could stand properly, he had to lean on the wall of the ticket-office to avoid falling on the floor. “You should take the responsibility after what you did to him!”

“What did I do? He just had a good time!” Masa contradicted then not being able to do anything, he just kept on staring at Ookawa while he got on the train.

Baba scratched his head then took his lover’s hand and started to pull him out of the railway station. “I guess, his time will be even better after he arrives home…”


“Ookawa Genki.”

The door suddenly started to talk. It had a soft female voice. It surprised Ookawa more than anything during this night.

“What the… at first you don’t accept your keys and now you are talking to me?”

“What keys don’t I accept?” The voice turned a bit more furious. “And please, tell me, what on earth are you doing here and why are you smelling like a huge bottle of sake?”

Ookawa Genki finally started to suspect that something was wrong. He looked up and after a few seconds of staring at the dark and actually annoyed eyes, he felt like someone turned the lights on in his brain.

O… okaa-san?”

“Definitely not our front door. Come in, your father will have a few words with you,” she ordered and grabbed Ookawa’s right ear as hard as she could.

“Bu… but I am an adult now! Okaa-san, it hurts!!”

oO The End Oo

[1] the idea of this fic was given by the "ikki", a weird ceremony of the Japanese youngsters. Thanks to Rorimack and his (her?) article about it in the Mondo magazine.

[2] a slight hint of my Masa x Ba-chon fic, Portray. I haven't a clue if it really was done by Ookawa >DD.

[3] Nagoya is Aichi prefecture's centre. Well, Genki-chan is from there and as he doesn't live with his parents, I guessed their house must be there. I may be mistaken, of course.


What can I say? I freaking love your writing style, I enjoy a lot your fics...drunk!Ookawa rules xD, our guys being all over each other, Baba yelling at Masa! xD, Yuuki molesting Renn, the entire Rikkai cast trying to get Ookawa drink!! ooh, it was so funny! *gives her a YOU WIN pin*

I could say more things, but the most important thing here is...PLEAAASE KEEP ON WRITING! xDDD I can't help but love when you tell me: I wrote a fic ♥, that are the moments when I enjoy something really good. Seriously, now you have to try a Minamihhh/Masei one, pretty pretty please? *uber puppy eyes* we have to prove the world that this pairing is NOT crack! xD

I really wish I could write something as good as your fics...*sighs*
Well, I won't stop writing, of course, but I so suck if it's about writing in English xDD;;. To be specify: writing in my crappy English xDD;;.

Minamihh x Masei... people have to get to know the CUTENESS, the ONE TRUE PAIRING!! *proud fangirl mode on*

Hey!! I like your writing a lot!! The only problem is that you are a sadist and you make me wait a LOT!! *hugs*
Ah, that was brilliant =3 All the hints for Baba and Masa = ♥

Keep up your great writing! *hugs*
Thank you~♥.

*hugs back*
The door suddenly started to talk.

you have no idea how long this sentence made me giggle like a mad fangirl. XD
LOL, I thought only I could appreciate such a lame joke xDD;;. I am so glad that I am not alone in the universe *w*.
thinking that Ookawa just thought of that made my mind went crazy XDD
Well, I don't know how much do you have to drink to reach that state xDD;;. A lot, probably *wondering if she had ever reached it*. Hm, no :'D.
THat was an awesome fic!! >_< Poor Genki-kun for being traped under Masa's tricks XDD~ He couldn't hold his liqor as well as he though huh? XD *note to self: stay away from Masa when you trun 20, shot*

And the little Masa/Baba moments were just love~! <3
Thank you for sharing this~!! ^_^
LOL!! Well, when Masa told once to find out how much they have to drink to get drunk, I was rather like 'mmm' not like running away xDD;;.

Masa x Baba is the pure love <3.

Thank you for reading *w*.
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