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reira sparkling~

Fic: ROOM 152

Title: Room 152
Author: Fyra (fyrathilwen)
Word Count: 1178
Pairing: Kiriyama x Yuuki
Timeline: DL4 Extra (May, 2007)
Summary: Kiriyama Renn is pissed off because of the strange night activities of their neighbours'.
A/N: be aware of the silliness. I wanted to try to write something in third person, and on the other hand, I haven't ever seen a KiriYuuki slash. I'm not pleased at all xDD;;.

Kiriyama Renn simply hated being left out.

Actually, Kiriyama Renn hadn't ever been left out of anything before.

During his junior high school years, he was in the football team and the other boys enjoyed playing with him. He was reliable but not selfish with the ball and first of all, he was an awesome good player.

The girls enjoyed his company in the school band as well, although the teacher bundled him out regularly because of his wild bass solos. But he was always able to return – his angel face and childlike smile melted the heart of the strict bandmaster every single time.

But this time, in the night after one of the Dream Live Fourth Extra performances, he really felt forlorny. And he hardly could join the fun; his always cute face and innocent Bambi-like eyes didn’t help him out either.

And the strange noises from the room 153, where Yagami Ren and Kanesaki Kentarou enjoyed themselves as much as it was predictable, started to get on his nerves.

“Yuuki,” he groaned between two sighs. “They have some awesome stamina, don’t they?”

His roommate, Yuuki Jutta, gave him a short sight then returned to his magazine.

“They do. But I wouldn’t mind their stamina going dead soon, or at least, having a volume-control on them,” he answered calmly then turned a page.

“We should do something funny as well,” Renn sighed and changed his pose on his bed. His head was hanging down; his legs were lying on the wall. It didn’t help him being less bored, though.

Yuuki looked at him shocked.

“What… do you mean by… something funny?”

A pillow hit him on the face immediately. Kiriyama decided to fall on the floor, but the fluffy fitted carpet was irritating his nose so he stood up and stretched a bit.

“What about… singing a song? The RokkaGuys are always doing it.”

“But we are the glorious Rikkai, why should we follow their lead?” Jutta frowned playfully.

“I will gladly give up my title as the glorious Marui Bunta, if I can forget about those two next to us for a moment,” Kiriyama said and fished his bass guitar out of nowhere. “You can start it! I am going to join you.”

After the first few syllables a woody sound could be heard from the other side of the wall. Ookawa Genki and Oono Kento were in the room 151 and one of them didn’t seem to be too pleasant with Yuuki’s performance.

Kiriyama looked at the wall then at Yuuki.

“I second their opinion. What was that, anyway? Tackey and Tsubasa? You should try something cooler! Like… SUM 41 or Nirvana!”

“I don’t know them,” Yuuki shook his head.

“Just follow my bass. Croon or something,” Kiriyama flicked and started to play. He liked playing in general, but imitating his favorites was something he wouldn’t give up ever. He gave Yuuki a sign for the start but on the other side of the wall another pillow followed its mate combined with Ookawa’s grumble.

“Hey, don’t you have a sense for music? What’s with that seclusion?” Kiriyama cried out loud and took away his guitar pouting.

Yagami and Kanesaki were way too loud. There wasn’t a chance they would finish it before the dawn. And it meant no sleep for their neighbours either.

It gave an idea to Kiriyama – Nakagauchi Masataka and Baba Tooru were in the room 154, so they must have suffered from the same noises as well, there was no way they could sleep!

“What about visiting the bar of the hotel with Masa and Ba-chon?”

“They are busy with taking photos of each other,” Yuuki put down his magazine. “At least, they haven’t done anything since our arrival, and now a red note is hanging on their door handle. I’m wondering what they are doing.”

Kiriyama raised an eyebrow then gave a confused look to his roommate.

Mou, everybody is on it in our team, aren’t they?”

Before Yuuki could answer, a pillow struck the wall again.

“How many pillows do they have, in fact?” Yuuki asked.

According to Oono’s soft whimper, the amount was hardly enough to sleep and make your neighbours shut up at the same time.

“Playing dare game?” Kiriyama suddenly asked with starry eyes.


“Telling ghost stories?”

“I guess, Genki wouldn’t appreciate it,” Yuuki shrugged, a whop from the other room seconded his opinion.

“… ah, boring,” Renn jumped to a conclusion. Scratching the yellow wallpaper above his bed didn’t help either, nor did the re-count of his toes and the edges of the room. “Yuuki.”


“Would you mind me shaving your head?”

Yuuki stroked his head – it felt quite prickly. Although the thought of shaving his hair at about 1 AM sounds like a pretty weird activity, it made his roommate happy and hopefully it was going to help him ignoring the constant noises from the other room.

Kiriyama had enjoyed doing it since the first time. Yuuki’s head was in the perfect size and shape. Actually, most people wouldn’t look good if they were bald. It was a fact, and Kiriyama admitted he wouldn’t have the courage to be bald either; although he hadn’t ever felt like telling it to him, he respected his doubles partner a lot for it. Furthermore, Yuuki’s skin on his head was getting softer and softer, and it amazed Kiriyama every single time.

“Your head smells like coco.”

“Yeah, I have been using a new grooming cream. I don’t want my skin to run dry.”


“… what are you doing?”

“My god, it does taste like coco!”

“What the…” Yuuki tried to resist his roommate, but when he turned to him, he just saw the other guy to hiss. He raised his eyebrows and his facial expression turned into totally confused when Kiriyama started groaning passionately.

Marui’s actor pointed towards the room 153. It was no use, though, Yuuki looked even more surprised.

Kiriyama hit himself on his forehead then shook the other guy’s shoulders. It looked like Yuuki finally got what he wanted him to do and joined the fun.

Although it felt absolutely weird not hearing any kind of contrariety from the Ookawa-Oono residence, the more loudly their act became, the bigger the silent grew in their neighbourhood.

Kiriyama flashed a glorious grin then lied on his bed.

Dou? Tensai teki?”

The silent felt good. It felt surprisingly good; the sudden idea of abashing the other team members and making them listening to their improvised show wasn’t a bad one, after all.

Kiriyama Renn closed his eyes pleased and was hoping for a peaceful, silent night without any bothering factors.

By bothering factors he meant pillows smacking the wall and neighbours slobbering each other.

He didn’t think of a Yuuki Jutta sitting on him by any means.

But opening his eyes, he had to face that kind of surprise.

“What… are you doing?”

Instead of answering, Yuuki just turned off the lights.

FIRE,” he whispered in Renn’s ear lightly then placed his lips on the shocked guy’s.

~oO The End Oo~


You genius!!!!! *fangirls* I didn't expect a fic from you about Rikkai guys!!! when I saw it I went like: OMG OMG OMG!! xDDDD
The plot was great, Ookawa is always an antisocial guy who doesn't like anything xD, Kiriyama is being a bit egomaniac, Kane-chan and Ouji having fun >D, and our guys taking pics LOLOLOL *remembers the conversation Fyra made up yesterday* they are having fun too >DDD
I wonder if you got some inspiration from our conversations *ponders*
You made my day with this, as simple as may be! and then Baba and his strange faces, Masa and Baba together in a pic, waaah I'm overwhelmed xDD
What about a Masa/Baba version? *puppy eyes* xD

Love you my wonderful writer~
Yeah, it was a sudden action :D.

Somehow, Ookawa turns to have a weird role every time he is in my head when I am writing xDD;;. Poor guy, I love him so much, though <3.

LOL, yeah, our boys have the "DO NOT DISTURB" table on their door, mwuha >D.

My dearest, I couldn't write a Masa x Baba version, since I'm not into writing of kinky wild sex... I'm not perverted enough... hm, but I hope it gives you ideas to a next drabble, maybe? :D
I suspected it was a sudden action, since you are not so fond of writing slash :)

Yeah, we always love him as meanie xD, but he should know we love him xD (ok, you are the hardcore Ookawa fan #1 but remember, I'm the hardcore Ookawa fan #2 xD)

:D that's how it should be xDDDDDDDDD

Hm, are you sure? I'm not requesting wild sex xDDDD noo, I'm still stuck in the second part of my fic...and I don't think I'll write more in the future
Yeah... but till the last sentences, it wasn't a slash either (okay, there were a few hints, but still :D).

I hope he knows :3. Or... okay, he probably doesn't, how would he know about it at all, but I hope he doesn't think the opposite and... mwuah, okay, we love him, yeah xDD.

Why do you think so? *cries* You should! You have so many great ideas about MasaBaba! I like our conversation about their private *coughs*sex*coughs*life!
"But I wouldn’t mind their stamina going dead soon, or at least, having a volume-control on them."

The best sentence ever :D :D :D
I love this drabble. So much rabu for Renn and Yuuki and your ideas what those two could do while everyone is having fun ;D
Woah, I'm so glad to have a best sentence ever in one of my works *filled with happiness*. Thank you for your comment :D.
Haha, you're welcome ^_^
There was more than one best sentence in this drabble but I think the sentence above *points* is totally made of win ♥

You should totally write some OujiKane-chan and I would so, so, so support you *_*
Thank you *____*.

LOL, in my mind the OujiKane-chan would be the same as the MasaBaba... I wouldn't try to write a wild sex story xDD;;.

*perverted mind popping out of nowhere*

But it doesn't have to be some wild sex story- I think OujiKane-chan could be really cute and corny, too *_* *sparkles* Like how they met and how Kane-chan fall for Yagami *brain explodes*

And after that the wild sex XDDDDD
LOL, I might try to write it to you for your birthday *snuggles*.

I bet you haven't ever got such a lame present like this one will be but I promise I'm going to do my best! *___*
AW~ OMG that would be the best present EVER *dies* And don't say things like "lame present" >DDD *gives Sanada-bitchslap icon*

The world needs more RPS T_T Otherwise I don't know how to share the OujiKanesaki love.

Btw.: I have a new layout but ... I don't know if I really like it ._."
Ouch, I got bitchslapped *sniff-sniff*. But he touched me with his hand that slapped Ookawa before *drooling then dies*.

RPS? XD I'm not familiar with those expressions, I guess xDD;;.

Hm, it's spazzy *___*. I like the colours although the previous one reminded me of Rikkai every time I visited your LJ :3. But it's catchy and bright, so I think I love it <3.
XDDDD OMG; I swear we'll die because of too much fangirling someday!

RPS = Real people slash. But I think I invented this expression *blushs*

Thank you! But what I really need is a header with SanaDork and Yukimura *giggles*
LOL, but our death would be so theatrical, I swear I would enjoy it xDD;;.

Ah, thank you *learnt something new today - and forgot two old... T_T*.

Hm... if you can wait for it and don't have someone better, I will make you one as soon as I have Photoshop again on my PC *___* (and after making my new layout >DD).
I would enjoy it as well, I swear XDDD;;

Aw~ that would be great *__* *sparkles & huggles* I wish I would be better when it comes to Photoshop- I have it but I suck at doing things with it D8 *fails*
*joins sparking and huggles back*

Great then, another reason for making my father hurry with asking his friend to install it, finally *such a drama D:*.

I would gladly do it *____*. But, of course, I will need a YukimuraxSanada pic you wish to have <3.
*grins* YES. you win. >D

*prepares self to write ono/ookawa*
o.o Do I? *squealing* Thank you~~~ *___*.

Noooooooh XO *steals Ookawa from Oono* XD.
yes you do!

*_* ono must be with ookawa as yanagi should be with kirihara. :D
But... but... but... Oono seems to enjoy the company of the other two of the troika!! XD

Okay, okay, okay, it's just a jealous fangirl in me, who doesn't want to imagine Ookawa Genki with anyone else :D.

But of course, I'm going to be the first one, who will read it, if you really write one *___*. Okay, not sure that the first one, but... yeah XD.
XD I totally understand that *_*

OMG, i just got an inspiration and like, do you mind me making ono/ookawa version of this fic? I mean, I'll make a ROOM 151 fic. of course, if you don't mind. :D
Of course, I don't :D.

Btw, I wanted to call this fic ROOM 151 as well, but since I wub Ookawa so much and I find the number 151 damn pretty, it turned out to be 152... obsessed fangirl mode on.

yayayayayay *prepares mind to write* ONO/OOKAWA HERE I COME. :D

151 is so damn pretty. <3 and don't we all love ookawa? :D
Ah *prepares her poor fangirl heart* :D.

We do, we do!! *dances around*
*comes to read* woooow I like this..demo *sniffles* did you have to make my Ouji spend the night with Kanesaki *cries* against Kanesaki...I can't win -___-;;;

Buuut I loved this....wooooow your english is definitely improving *o* although there isn't such a word as "forlorny" (at least I've never heard of it ><;;)
But I liked this fic...and you say you can't write slash??? This is absolute proof that you are the best!!!!

Take care of yourself nyaa~
LOL, but I bet they spent the night together XD. I mean, okay, there was a picture with Kawahara Kazuma, but I highly doubt that it is a proof that they were roommates :D.

I found it in the dictionary xDD;;. And thank you for your compliment about my English, it makes my pretty heart so-so-so happy, thank you very much~~~ *dances around*.
*finished reading this fic for a 4th time* So much win in this fic that I must read it again, and again and again 83 *blames the tempting yaoi fandom*

Gotta love that rikkaidai slash. Even if it is a little hard to find it sometimes. But I'm glad I stumbled upon this :D It's awesome!

Oh and on a random note: your layout looks awesome :D
Woah, it makes me feel honoured *feels honoured* x3. Thank you for reading it even once :D.

Thank you, I am in love with this layout now, too *w*.


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