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Fic: GAMBLE (part 3/?)

Title: Gamble
Chapter: 3
Author: Fyra (fyrathilwen)
Beta-reader: Debbi-chan (deborahs_melody)
Summary: Marui isn't the only one, who is pissed off because of the "victim". Same goes for her brother, Arai Masashi.

Previous chapter - Bunta POV

Chapter 3 - Masashi

A huge bang wakes me up. When I lift my head up I feel the pages of my English exercise book are stuck to my face. I pick off the crumpled papers and I have to accept that the ink got totally rubbed off.

Fine, my cheeks must be perfectly blue for now. If I hadn’t the jumps while I was sleeping, it could be possible that a few letters can be read on me as well.

Bangs are coming from the hallway. I guess it must be my crazy sister and her shoes flying. I ignore the fact that if she had come in silently, she would have found me sleeping peacefully on my notes and yell at her:

“Couldn’t you slam that damn door a bit more quietly? Someone would like to study.”

“You must be a huge twit if the slam of a door can make you forget everything you’ve learnt till now,” the answer comes then the steps themselves. Riko shows up in the door unstrung. She looks me up and down then raises an eyebrow. “Studying, oh, of course,” she rolls her eyes then walks to her own room. Another good known flop can be heard as she throws her bag on her bed.

She passes by next to me at the next moment; she walks to the kitchen and opens the fridge. I grind my teeth and try to read my notes through the sleepy blur in front of my eyes. Finally, I can see the letters clearly, but my imagination wanders far away – the attendance of my idiot sister doesn’t help it. And that she works in the kitchen. She doesn’t try to make it in silence at all!

The plate knocks at the window of the microwave oven, I guess she slams the little door with all her strength, the button that shows the time of the heating must be rolled with such a swing that it can promise at least twenty minutes for the poor food.

I let out a sigh then try concentrating.

But my attention was caught by the spicy smell this time. I can’t recognize what it can be till the bell of the oven rings as the food has finished cooking.

“Hey!” I jump up and run to the kitchen. “What the hell are you thinking?”

Riko takes the plate and sits down at the table.

“Can’t you tell it by watching?” She asks back nonchalantly and starts chewing the rest of our last dinner.

“Mum left it for me to have something to eat!” I defend.

She doesn’t appreciate me to stop gnawing for a single moment. She nibbles the bite in her mouth and gulps theatrically big.

“Enjoy it,” she says without looking at me, stands up and walks out of the kitchen. Saying farewell she hits the door-post with her fist, because of the knock some daub falls on the table. I can just rescue my food from one of the pieces by taking away the plate with fast movement.

That’s to say, the faith gave me such beautiful reflexes!

“You could be a bit less hick, couldn’t you?” I bark after her then throw myself on one of the chairs and start eating. Hm, not like that thing had such a good taste. Mum is a terrible cook, and her skills just became worse after sis got off her head. Could it have been better to let her eat that shit? I haven’t been hungry, in fact.

I shrug and take it back to the fridge.

If she needs it, she will come out and tuck in.

I was just about to return to my hard English learning, when the lock clicks and keys jingle as my mother opens the front door. She looks like an amateur equilibrist with the two dick bag in her hands; I am waiting for the results curiously. I guess for a moment that she is going to fall because of sis’ shoes, but with a move which could abash even the springboks she stands on her feet.

I would give it a clap, but am too busy with covering my yawning mouth. She probably notices my presence since she turns to me indignantly.

“Couldn’t you lend me a hand?” She asks peevishly.

I wish I knew why she was so nervous. I shrug then take the lighter bag. It looks so unbalanced; it must be harder to carry this one! At least, I tell this to myself for my conscience’s sake which hasn’t really been upset anyway. My goal is to get rid of the bag as soon as possible; I drop it in one of the chairs then head towards my room.

“Couldn’t you help me?”

“I already did!” I produce an innocent facial expression hearing my mother’s voice which brings me to book for.

“Then tell your sister to come and help me,” she says angrily.

I shrug again but didn’t step out of the kitchen when yelling:

“Bring out your ass and help mum with the packing, Riko!”

“Since you are there, you could do it as well, couldn’t you?”

With a grin on my face I turn to my mother whose eyes seem to be in flames.

“Come here right now!” She yells furiously.

I shake my head and return to my room. Since our flat is quite small and the sealant is quite lame, I can be anywhere I feel like having a ringside seat. I can’t wait till the show of the two!

Riko almost bumps in me as she storms out of her room. Her face is filled with flames of anger like it has been doing for a week. When will she steady down finally? It gets on my nerves that she always wants to be in the spotlight. Furthermore, she bothers me at home all the time, but they are always asking me about her in Seishun as well!

How is your little sister doing, Arai?

Arai-senpai, your sister won’t come back anymore, will she?

Arai, would you give me her number? I would like to talk to her so much!

Ah, Masashi-kun, did they really kick out Riko-chan?

Of course, they did. Thank goodness.

But why does everyone care about it so much? She can thank it to herself, nobody else.

“What is with that degrading attitude again?”

Whops, my mother must be in her element! Her voice sounds kind of hysteric.

“That’s my natural cadence, you know. If you had stopped petting Masashi sometimes and looked at me, you would have got the chance to get to know me better,” my sister replies.

Heh, that’s why they think of her that she is a cocky, confident goose.

And that’s why some people look up at her.

Those idiots.

“Like you haven’t cut us off every time we tried it,” my mother says, her voice is getting softer and I can hear her sniff. Damn it, it means the show is going to end soon. I wish they continued for a while but the crying always cuts their fights.

“Keh,” Riko lets out cynically. It is also a habit she took up lately.

Maybe because she knows she gets on everyone’s nerves with it in the household.

On my mother’s and on mine.

But it can be that they found it cool in Seishun as well.

Arai Riko, the actual little star.

Arai Riko, the star of the tennis team.

Arai Riko, the future student council president.


End of the third chapter.

Next time: Chapter 4 - Sadaharu~



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